Tax deductibility

Our platform complies with tax guidelines, allowing you to deduct expenses related to attending our lecture series, including travel, accommodations, meals and entertainment as well as the cost of the lecture series itself.

Intellectures offers an accessible educational platform for medical professionals that gives you credits you can apply toward the annual professional development requirements mandated by all major health professional governing bodies.

Intellectures Inc. has engaged Deloitte LLP to conduct a review and validate that our platform meets the criteria for tax rules of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). These regulations are also comparable to those of other international revenue agencies.

Under IRS/CRA tax guidelines, learning that you are required to undertake to maintain your professional status and continue practicing in your current field is deemed tax deductible.

Intellectures' unique platform is designed to ensure that your attendance at our web-based lecture series qualifies for tax deductible status.

To validate the compliance of our platform, Deloitte obtained a technical interpretation from CRA regarding tax deductibility with respect to our lecture series and reasonable amounts for travel, meals and accommodation expenses.

Based on Deloitte’s analysis and response from CRA, our platform has been validated as fully compliant with tax rules, which do not differentiate between our unique web-based series of lectures and that of a live professional development conference.

Unlike traditional webinars or online courses which are accessible from anywhere, our proprietary software requires that clients travel to partake in our lecture series, as the lectures are not available for access locally.

Each comprehensive multi-day series of lectures is designed with daily professional development content specifically for that city. Intellectures securely tracks and logs your participation through the entire web-based series.

As a healthcare professional, this means you qualify to deduct costs pertaining to your professional development, such as lecture fees, travel, accommodations, meals and entertainment. Other countries have similar guidelines for tax deductibility. For rules in your jurisdiction, consult your tax or accounting professional.

Only Intellectures' professional development platform ensures that you travel to a destination to participate — so you can confidently enjoy the tax advantage of learning while you see the world.

Healthcare professionals who are not self-employed, are required to file additional documentation to ensure tax deductible status.

Deductibility of expenses is dependent on the specific facts and circumstances of each taxpayer’s situation. It is your responsibility to consult with your own tax advisor in order to confirm your eligibility for such deductions.



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Our platform has been reviewed and assessed to ensure that it meets the criteria for U.S. and Canadian rules for tax deductibility.

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